Biomedicine and the health sciences

Biomedicine and the health sciences

The Novo Nordisk Foundation focuses on research within biomedicine and the health sciences as a key grant area.

Since it was established, the Foundation has supported medical science research in Denmark and the other Nordic countries, including research on cardiovascular disease, cancer and endocrine diseases and disorders. Our support is broad and covers basic, translation and clinical research and innovation. We also have grant programmes focusing on nursing and general practice research.

We aim to ensure that people live healthier and better lives by facilitating research and treatment that promote knowledge about health and disease and can be used for developing new drugs, types of treatment or the healthcare system.

We support both large and small projects of high quality and the most talented researchers at all stages of their careers.

For example, we award several hundred project grants, fellowships and scholarships annually within various research fields based on applications researchers submit to the Foundation in open competition following calls for applications.

In the years ahead, we will also focus on such areas as research on health data, developing innovative technologies and treatment systems and education within these fields.