Education and outreach

Education and outreach

The Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to inspire and support children and young people learning about the natural sciences and technology.

We therefore provide grants for education and outreach projects that have the potential to promote the competences and engagement of children and young people in these areas.

Our overall objective with the support is to contribute to strengthening the interest in and understanding of the natural sciences among children, young people and the general Danish public.


Our grant-awarding activities within education focus on three areas: STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), research on didactic methods in science teaching and vocational education and training. The activities are targeted children, students and teachers at daycare institutions, primary and secondary education, teacher colleges and early childhood education.

We support the development of educational and teaching resources and methods, as well as activities that strengthen the competencies of teachers and educators. Grants are awarded in open competition and through strategic stand-alone initiatives such as LIFE, currently our largest strategic initiative. In addition to this, the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s science education prizes are awarded to inspiring educators and teachers who manage in different ways to engage children and young people and raise their interest in the natural sciences and technology. Prizes are awarded to early-childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers as well as teacher’s college teachers and teachers of early-childhood educators.

The Foundation also awards grants for research on didactic methods within science teaching and learning. By doing so, we wish to help identify and develop the best evidence-based teaching methods and disseminate the results among teachers and decision-makers.

Another focus area is vocational education and training. Within this area, the Foundation supports initiatives that strengthen the qualifications of teachers within STEM disciplines, thereby seeking to increase the number of qualified teachers within vocational education with particular focus on biotechnology, bioscience, IT and technology.



Our support within outreach covers informal learning environments, research communication and public debate. As with our educational activities, the purpose is here to promote children and young people’s interest, knowledge and competencies within the natural sciences. This may be through experiences in their spare time, such as science club activities or family trips to museums. It can also be science communication offered through innovative media platforms.

At the same time, we wish to strengthen the public’s understanding of the role that the natural sciences and technology play in the development of society. We do this by supporting the communication of natural science research through various channels. In addition, we support activities that contribute to critical reflection and a qualified, fact-based public debate about science, technology and healthcare.