Education and outreach

Education and outreach

The Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to inspire and support children and young people learning about the natural sciences and technology.

We therefore provide grants for education and outreach projects that have the potential to promote education in the natural sciences in Denmark.

Education: Our support within education comprises grant-awarding activities in Denmark that support students and teachers from childcare centres through professional bachelor’s programmes. Among other areas, we focus on teaching resources and methods within science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), especially in primary and secondary education, improving the qualifications of teachers and research on and communicating the best evidence-based teaching and learning methods.

Outreach: Our support within outreach comprises grant-awarding activities that support opportunities for the general public to learn and understand about and take an interest in the natural sciences and contribute to creating a powerful voice promoting the importance of research in the natural sciences. Among other activities, we focus on research communication and public debate, leisure-time scientific experiences and research that creates new perspectives and critical reflections about science, technology and health-related treatments. These types of projects can target children, young people and/or the general public.

Our overall goal in supporting this grant area is to contribute to promoting the interest, knowledge and competencies of children and young people within the natural sciences. We also want to contribute to reinforcing the general public’s understanding of the importance of science and technology for developing society.